With the Church

Partner with us in “Developing students to win at home, win at work, with the church.”

“with the church” —

TriLife is currently looking for Church Partners. Are you a part of a local church that cherishes the gospel, preaches the Word, serves the community and has a heart to impact the next generation? Does the vision of “developing students to win at home, win at work, with the church” appeal to you and perhaps your church at large? If so, we would like to explore the possibility of partnering during the summers and beyond. We believe the local church is vital to our students, especially after graduation, and we need your help in shaping this new project.

We are striving for win/win situations and here are a few ways that might come about…


  • opportunity to influence the next generation
  • sharp, high-character students will be a blessing to the congregation by serving and participating in life of the church
  • shot-in-the-arm for staff and congregation through infusion of spiritually-hungry and vision-hungry student leaders
  • opportunity for staff and members to personally invest in development of future leaders, influencing them toward becoming godly spouses, parents, employees, bosses, and church leaders
  • provides manpower for outreach, immediate needs of church, etc
  • increases church visibility along east coast (15-30 students each year who then have connections to and positive experience with this church)
  • opportunity for church leaders and members to serve and grow in hospitality
  • **** summer pastoral internship for a student or two (huge chance for pastor/staff to develop a future church leader and receive a full-time laborer for 10 weeks)


  • students get vision, understanding, and appreciation for church as they see and participate in a healthy local church environment and as they see and learn from healthy church members
  • students get involved in small group / community group / discipleship systems (again, they gain experience, vision, ideas, etc)
  • students practice tithing
  • Cru staff grow in understanding and love for local church
  • staff and students grow in practice of serving and using gifts in local church environment
  • sharp, high-character church families and/or individuals mentor students and help them process life with eye toward the future

If you’re interested in learning more about how your church can partner with TriLife, please contact us.

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