What is TriLife?

WHAT?  TriLife is a Summer Project concept for the Cru ministry where college students can “try life” in the real world.  Specifically, students will be developed to prepare well for the three main arenas of post-college life: home, work, and church.

WHEN?  Launched in the summer of 2014, the project will launch another year in 2023 and run for 10 weeks from around May 28-Aug 6.

WHERE?  Jacksonville, FL.

WHY?  Several Cru staff had a vision to focus on making lifelong disciples to change the campus and the world. With the lifelong focus we felt the need to provide an opportunity for students to spend a summer of concentrated development to help prepare them for life after graduation, with the following goals in mind:

“win at home” — Prepare students to develop priorities and values and figure out how to balance work life and home life while seeking to glorify God in both. They will live around some of our staff families and get to learn from our wins/losses. Valuable lessons about God’s design for marriage and parenting will be caught as we share life with the students. We want to spur them on to become men and women of God who will become godly husbands, wives, and parents. Now is the time to prepare for that stage of life, not when the ring is on the finger or the baby is on the way.

“win at work” — Prepare students to walk with the Lord, develop relationships with colleagues, and pursue excellence in all of their responsibilities. We will help them understand that God has created us to work and that all work has value. We will challenge them to work hard as though working for the Lord and then see opportunities for ministry in the workplace. They will be prepared for 50-hour work weeks and the challenges associated. They will learn valuable skills such as budgeting, developing a life mission statement, strategic planning and more.

“with the church” — Prepare students to love and serve the local church, to see church life and ministry in a Christ-centered, missional, non-campus environment, and help them learn how the church is vital to God’s mission and their discipleship. If they hope to glorify God in the workplace and at home, they will fail if they neglect the church. We hope to partner with churches that cherish the gospel, preach the Word, and serve the community, and through this we hope to give students an example of what healthy churches (and healthy church members!) look like.

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