Win at Home

Partner with us in “Developing students to win at home, win at work, with the church.”

“win at home” 

TriLife is currently looking for Cru Staff to partner with us in “developing students to win at home, win at work, with the church.” TriLife was designed to come alongside our students in becoming lifelong disciples of Jesus. TriLife staff will help shape the “win at home” piece of the project by inviting students into our lives for a summer. Think shared meals, life on life discipleship, processing life and their summer internships and allowing students to get a glimpse of family life (with boundaries).

There are many ways to invest your summer and we recognize these weeks are precious for staff. Our aim is to put together a summer project that is desirable for staff couples and families to attend and the end result is refreshment. Is it possible? Absolutely!

While the project has one focus of developing students, there will also be a major focus on developing STAFF to “win at home, win at work (on campus), with the church.”  TriLife staff will report mid-June (after public schools get out). There is also a goal of including moms who might otherwise feel excluded during the normal school year because of the demands on her on the home front.

“win at home” – Dads will take the kids one day/week. Moms will take the kids one day/week. Students will take the kids one night/week (mandatory date nights!). Come learn together how to live out your role as a husband/wife, dad/mom and campus ministry leader. Staff kids will very much be a part of the project as well.

“win at work” – staff will have time during the day to prepare for the upcoming school year and learn from each other on how to win at work and become more effective ministers of the gospel, team leaders, and disciplers.


TriLife Project in Florida: June 28th – Aug 2nd

Costs: estimated to be about $4,000 / couple

Interested?  Contact

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